Read Write Express is offering a series of monthly Writing for Wellbeing evening workshops around the theme of resilience.  The workshops will provide a supportive space where, through reading, discussion, writing, sharing and listening, participants will use a variety of approaches to look at their lives, as well as considering ways of dealing with stress and managing roles, responsibilities and to-do lists with the aim of developing perspective, self awareness and coping mechanisms.

The workshops may also include other non-writing activities such as light movement, breathing, visualisation, voicework, pairwork, laughter and drama games.

No writing experience necessary, just a willingness to explore and experiment.

Wednesdays 7.30pm to 9.30pm
    Monthly classes

Mycenae House, 90 Mycenae Road, London SE3 7SE. 



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ONE DAY WORKSHOP with Charmaine Pollard - TBC

FLUIDITY: how to be both grounded and flexible

London Bridge

This one day workshop will provide a space where you can explore the theme of fluidity in yourself and in your relationships with others and offer you:

* Ways of building trust
* Ways of letting go and being in the moment
* Ways to help you be more grounded and flexible

There will be reading, writing, discussion and sharing as well as other exercises that may involve light movement, breathing, sounding, visualisation and pair work.

These different approaches work holistically to help you gain fresh perspective and enable you to adjust to changes and challenges in your life.